Jennifer John


Leslie Benny

Jennifer John and Leslie Benny

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Our Story

Sometime in 2016- Leslie and Jennifer were introduced by a close mutual friend, but they weren’t ready because it wasn’t God’s perfect time...yet.
July 2017- Leslie and Jennifer finally said yes to starting a long-distance relationship.
July 1, 2017- Their first FaceTime call. Leslie later said Jennifer looked like the most disinterested girl. She was not! He made her laugh and she wanted to keep getting to know him.
September 21, 2017- Their first date in Houston. Jennifer took Leslie to a sushi restaurant. He later told her it wasn’t the best sushi...
December 1, 2017- Their first road trip to Dallas to meet Jennifer’s family. Leslie surprised her with amazing seats to see her first love, Dirk Nowitzki. That’s when Jennifer knew Leslie was the one.
February 9, 2018- Leslie makes the trip AGAIN to Houston to meet more of Jennifer’s family. He fit in seamlessly...
March 24, 2018- Jennifer goes to Orlando to meet Leslie’s family. She felt so at home, and everything felt so right. She went to sleep that night thanking God for His faithfulness and answering all her prayers.
May 12, 2018- They attended their first wedding together. Things are getting real...
June 17, 2018- Jennifer and her family flew to Idaho to visit Leslie as he finished up his time there. Much to her surprise (but not really), Leslie got down on one knee in front of Old Faithful at Yellowstone National Park...she said YES!
July 22, 2018- Leslie and Jennifer celebrated their engagement with close family and friends. long year later...

July 20, 2019- OUR WEDDING DAY

We are so thankful that God saw it fit to bring us together in His perfect time. All glory belongs to Him for His faithfulness in our lives. The wait was long, but it was worth it. We pray to live a married life together that brings glory to Him and reflects His love for all. We are humbled by the true meaning of marriage and look to Him to be the center of it all.
Susan Moyal